Selling building plot successfully

Selling building plot

Would you like to sell a building plot? Get information on a successful and secure property sale from the specialists Selling Building Plotof the Guetig Group. But first we would like to recommend something to you. The sale of a property of any type or size is not a book with seven seals. So don't let certain providers unsettle you or even give you wrong advice. Rather, it is more important to know that the right partner is at your side in order to carry out a transaction securely, transparently and successfully.


1. Good preparation for the property sale
2. What determines the selling price of a property?
3. The types of property
4. Most important question for the buyer
5. Your property sale checklist
6. Your clear advantages with the Guetig Group
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Good preparation is the basis for a successful building plot sale

If you want to sell yourplot, good preparation is the basis for a successful transaction. This primarily includes the procurement of all documents relating to the property. Among other things, this includes the valuation, the land appraisal and of course the well-prepared sales process itself. We have put together below in a checklist for the sale of property which documents you need.

Now let's look at the most important factors!

The building plot value

As a seller, the first question that arises is probably the most important: What is my property worth?

The value of a property is determined by various parameters and influences the actual sales value of a property. Investors and private property buyers have clear ideas about where the maximum purchase price for a property should be. On the other hand, the seller who wants to get the highest possible sales price for a piece of land. The appropriate formula here is: it must represent a worthwhile transaction for both seller and buyer! So how can you get closer and please all parties? There are now factors that are used to determine the value of a property.

Selling building plot - What determines the selling price of a plot of land?

Selling bulding plot

Selling building plot by location, location, location as they say is not everything! The purchase price of a property is influenced and determined by many factors. This includes numerous more parameters that we would like to list here. Let's go into the condition and property types first! Here we fundamentally differentiate between undeveloped and developed plots. After the structural development, there are then still the distinguishing features in the expected building land, building shell land and the building land.

The type of condition of a building plot

  • Undeveloped land
  • Developed land
  • Land to be built
  • Unfinished land
  • Building land

The types of property are determined by the Valuation Act § 181 BewG

(1) When evaluating built-up land, a distinction must be made between the following types of land in accordance with the Valuation Act Section 181 BewG:

1. One and two family houses
2. Rental residential properties
3. Apartment and part ownership
4. Business properties
5. mixed-use properties and
6. other built-up land

(2) One- and two-family houses are residential properties that contain up to two apartments and are not owned. A property is also considered a one- or two-family house if less than 50 percent of it, calculated according to the living or usable area, is used for purposes other than residential and the individual or two-family house is not significantly impaired as a result.

(3) Rented residential properties are properties that are used for residential purposes to an extent of more than 80 percent, calculated on the basis of the residential or usable area, and are not single- or two-family houses or owner-occupied apartments.

(4) Apartment ownership is the individual ownership of an apartment in connection with the co-ownership share in the common property to which it belongs.

(5) Partial ownership is the separate ownership of non-residential rooms in a building in connection with joint ownership of the common property to which it belongs.

(6) Business properties are properties which, calculated on the basis of the living space and usable area, serve our own or third-party business or public purposes to an extent of more than 80 percent and are not part-owned.

(7) Mixed-use properties are properties that serve partly residential purposes, partly own or third-party business or public purposes and are not single- and two-family houses, rental residential properties, condominiums, partial ownership or business properties.

(8) Other developed properties are those properties that do not fall under paragraphs 2 to 7.

(9) An apartment is the combination of a majority of rooms, which in their entirety must be designed in such a way that an independent household can be managed. The combination of a majority of rooms must form a structurally separate, self-contained residential unit from other apartments or rooms, in particular living rooms, and have independent access. It is also necessary that the ancillary rooms (kitchen, bath or shower, toilet) necessary for running an independent household are available. The living space must be at least 23 square meters (m²).

The most important question for the buyer: what can I build on the property?

Selling bulding plot

Selling building plot – One of the crucial questions a buyer asks, which development is possible? For the development of a property, it is important which form of development is possible at all. For example, between private buyers who want to build a single-family house, other factors are more important than for an investor who wants to build a residential complex with 100 apartments.

If we assume that it is building land, it should be clarified how the property can be built on. One of the most important factors that play a decisive role in the sales price is the size of the living space to be built. This information is obtained from the land use plan and in detailed form from the development plan of the city or municipality.

Let us consider two other features that are important for the buyer. Is there a qualified or simple development plan for the property? The difference lies in the way and the extent of the so-called structural use. This can be seen in the qualified development plan of the city or municipality.

Which entries are important for the buyer?

  • The construction method (open or closed development)
  • The spacing areas (distance to the neighboring property)
  • The type of structural use (e.g. mixed area or purely residential area)
  • Degree of structural use (the number of floor areas “GRZ" and floor area number “GFZ" are important)
  • The roof specifications (the roof pitch, roof ridge and material are specified here)
  • The construction load (access rights are entered here, such as: route, driving and line rights)
  • The construction line (on which axis the main building can be erected)

Expert support from the first step

The Guetig Group supports and accompanies you in every step that is necessary to sell your property successfully. This includes the creation of the documents and the procurement of the necessary documents. The documents presented give buyers an insight into the so-called technical data of a property. This is used to give buyers, for example, an overview of who the actual owner is, which contaminated sites may be present or which development is possible. Buyers who use a bank to finance the purchase of the property need these documents to be presented to the financing bank. We have created a list for you that you can use as a guide.

Selling building plot - Your Checklist of necessary documents

Selling building plot A current extract from the land register

Zoning plan Zoning plan

The property tax assessment The property tax assessment

The building load register

Grundstück verkaufen The development plan

The soil survey

Building plot land map / property map The land map

The contaminated site directory

Proof of development

The mortgage liens to be paid

Photos and aerial photos of the property

The contract for the sale of real estate

Sell your building plot successfully with the Guetig Group

Your clear advantages with us

Selling building plot

  • Send in property without obligation
  • No exclusive mandate with us
  • No commission for sellers

Selling building plot
  • Transparent processes right from the start
  • Time savings because registered buyers
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Selling building plot

  • Secure contract drafting
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Off Market*

In the Off Market area, we mostly work for sellers from the commercial sector. We have developed special strategies for this and designed our system in such a way that only buyers who match your sales parameters are contacted directly by us. In this regard, we have first-class investor contacts so that a transaction can be processed quickly, securely and off-market. Mostly these are residential plots for apartment buildings, hotel plots, office plots or commercial plots for special properties.

On market * with our sales channels

The Guetig Group has a broad network and international sales channels. Your property documents are professionally prepared and placed on our lines. The distribution is recorded in the media and of course sent to suitable buyers with an expose created by us.

These are mostly building plots for single-family houses, finca's, villas, multi-family houses (also called 2-generation houses) or building plots such as lake plots.

The Guetig Group is at your side as an experienced partner with international know-how. And don't settle for less!

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