Monaco Côte d’Azur

The real estate location Monaco (Monegasque, “Principatu de Múnegu") is embedded on the Côte d’Azur, the French Riviera and is a city-state. When you hear Monaco, you immediately think of luxurious yachts, fast cars and the Monte Carlo district with its world-famous casino on the Place du Casino.

The city-state

Monaco is the most densely populated country in the world and comes in ahead of Hong Kong and Singapore in the ranking of population density. The principality has established itself as a hot spot worldwide on 2 km². Monaco is particularly popular as a place of residence for the wealthy. On the one hand, the location makes it very attractive and, on the other hand, Monaco does not charge any income or inheritance tax.
Basically, the traffic jams of the residents are divided into three groups: native Monegasque, so-called Children of the country and foreign citizens. The last group accounts for almost 80% of the total population of Monaco. Prince Albert II alone decides who will ultimately receive the citizenship of Monaco.

Real estate location Monaco, the pearl on the Côte d’Azur

Due to its location on the Mediterranean Sea, you will find a friendly Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and mild winters. The average annual temperature is around 16 degrees. Comfortable temperatures also prevail in Monaco in summer. So the thermometer rarely climbs over the 30 degree limit. Monaco offers everything in terms of exclusivity and high quality of life, which leaves nothing to be desired.


Real estate market in Monaco Côte d’Azur

Due to the limited space that Monaco offers, the construction has not shifted in width but in height. That is why Monaco is affectionately known as “Manhattan on the Mediterranean"! In order to create living space, special measures were taken, which posed great challenges for city planners and architects. However, the project planners have managed to artificially enlarge Monaco and use the available space more efficiently. A successful project here is the well-known district of Fontvieille, which was started to be built up in the Mediterranean in the 1970s. So artificial building space was created and Fontvieille now offers living space, commercial units and a harbor. Due to the high demand and the low supply, Monaco is a stable real estate market. The average prices per m² for an apartment in Monaco are currently around 50,000 euros. And in Monte Carlo they can cost up to 57,000 euros per m².

Things to know when buying a property in Monaco

Monaco Côte d’Azur buy your apartment with Guetig GroupIt is quite common for a preliminary contract to be concluded between the seller and the new owner and usually a deposit of 10-15% of the purchase price is agreed. Then the transfer of the property takes place through the deed at a local notary in Monaco where the remaining purchase price is also to be paid. You have the option of buying a property in Monaco through a company or as a private person. Our specialists on site provide you with the best advice. There is no real estate transfer tax in Monaco and there is no inheritance tax between parents and children. The absence of inheritance tax in Monaco also applies to spouses.

Buy apartment in Monaco

The Guetig Group has a wide range of real estate apartments in the Monaco real estate location. Interested parties who are looking for an apartment in Monaco will of course be looked after individually and discreetly by us. Your great advantage as a valued customer of the Guetig Group that we have been perfectly networked in Monaco for years and that you benefit from it. This is how we quickly find the perfect apartment or penthouse in Monaco for you. We are also happy to assist you with all administrative matters on site. The Guetig Group has OFF MARKET properties in Monaco that are treated discreetly and a hand-picked selection that you can view directly under the following button.

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Sights in the Principality of Monaco

Monaco has a lot to offer culturally, so you can be enchanted by the magnificently landscaped gardens and get to know the culture of the Monegasque in the numerous museums.

  1. Jardins Saint-Martin – Beautiful park on Avenue Saint-Martin
  2. Saint Nicholas Cathedral – resting place of the former Prince of Monaco and Princess Grace
  3. Postage stamp museum – world-famous among philatelists with numerous treasures
  4. New National Museum – Villa Sauber – Avenue Princesse Grace 17
  5. Oceanographic Museum – for anyone who is passionate about marine life
  6. Casino de Monte-Carlo – At the Place du Casino
  7. Port Hercule harbor – with its luxurious superyachts from all over the world
  8. Palais Princier – The palace of the head of state and his family

Famous Hotels in Monaco Côte d’Azur

Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo 

4, Avenue De La Madone 98007 Monte Carlo

Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo

Square Beaumarchais 98000 Monte Carlo

Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo

Place du Casino 98000 Monte Carlo

More hotels in Monaco can be found on the pages of

Arrival by jet or yacht

By plane
The nearest airport is in Nice, France. There is a helicopter shuttle from the airport directly to the heliport. Other options to reach from the airport in Nice, Monaco are by train or taxi.

With the yacht
Monaco on Côte d’Azur has two ports (Port Hercule and Port de Fontvielle) that are open all year round.

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Flag of Monaco

Flag of Monaco

Detailed map of the real estate location Monaco

Detailed map of Monaco

Palais Princier Monaco

Palais Princier

Casino de Monte-Carlo

Casino de Monte-Carlo

Restaurants in Monaco

Restaurants in Monaco

Monaco Côte d’Azur

Michelin-starred restaurants in Monaco

Shopping in Monaco

Shopping in Monaco

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