Marketing and sales construction projects

The great success of an international new development depends not least on an appealing property and perfect marketing. From detailed project analysis to professional marketing to the sale of real estate, we help you to sell your planned or existing construction projects directly and successfully in all areas. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the market and the general public, you have your professional partner right from the start for the development and marketing of international new construction projects of all sizes. Our focus is on one hundred percent sales through to completion or complete rental of all residential and commercial units. When developing the measures, we provide you with a perfect setup so that the sale can be initiated even before construction begins.

Marketing International Real Estate Concept

The first and most important component is the project analysis

We use our experience to help you afford the support you need. A detailed feasibility study with the property determination, needs assessment, location investigation and of course support with project design. All of this can and must also be asked, because this is one of our comprehensive services that we are happy to provide for you.

Targeted project marketing remains the flagship

A special address from your construction project, we develop a unique recognition for your project for you. This starts with naming your project and then goes through the target application. For this we use all sales channels that are known to us through years of experience. Social media tools and of course our investors and existing customers. Your own project-related website and press work in the print media that is guaranteed to reach your target group. We are happy to take over the overall implementation of the project marketing for you and your projects.

Direct marketing to your point of sale

Our team not only has specialists for effective marketing, but also an extensive buyer database. We target advertising and address customers, of course we hold individual consultations and organize sales days. We are happy to take care of the contracts, credit checks of interested parties, the processing of documents and marketing.

We look forward to your inquiry about marketing and sales construction projects.

Your Team of the Guetig Group