There are many investments on the international market – but the risk is often very difficult for the layperson to assess.

A real asset secured and rented capital investment in Germany or abroad, with a good return, is always a worthwhile investment if you pay attention to the following points:

Is the investment property you want to purchase sustainable and well let?
How is the rental situation in detail? The relationship between the actual rent and the target rent?
Are the rents that are aimed for in the customary local range or are the rents based on the local rent index?
Are there still rental increases for the property that you want to acquire in order to optimize the return?
Have the tenants paid the rents on time in the last few months?
Can a rental account history and cost plan be requested from the current owner or the property manager?
Are there rent arrears or are there any rental lawsuits pending before a court, and above all why?
How is the macro and micro location for the environment and your investment to be assessed? Which infrastructure, which labor market environment is available. Are changes planned by the town planners, the municipality, if so, which ones?
Is there a repair backlog in relation to the object you would like to purchase? When and how was the property renovated and is there evidence of this?
How is the performance of the existing property management company that currently looks after the property to be assessed?
Are all tenants satisfied with the real estate service?

These are only a few considerations that you can use to get a first impression, but once you have selected your property with us, you do not have to worry about your investment, because we have already clarified a lot for you in advance. That goes without saying for us because we set a high quality standard. Due to our experience in the real estate sector, we know the risks and opportunities of real estate investment very well. We look forward to a very personal conversation with you.

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